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2. Ökumenischer Kirchentag

München 12.-16. Mai 2010

Welcome to Munich!

World City with a heart. Munich doesn’t just stand for the Octoberfest and the Hofbräu brewery, for the “Victuals Market” and the Schwabing district. The Bavarian Capital is at the same time both a world city and a villiage with a big heart. Munich has lost none of its cosy “Gemütlichkeit”, despite its 1.3 million inhabitants. It’s not only Munich folk who gather in the idyllic Beer Gardens, the pubs and the English Garden – guests are always warmly welcomed here.

Foto: Tourismusamt München/Rudolf Sterflinger

Cultural varity. Munich has a very lively arts and culture scene. The theatres in this state capital are among the most renowned stages in the whole of Germany; the music scene has everything on offer from classical and jazz to pop music; the museums have top quality collections and exhibitions on show. 

Laptop and Lederhose. Munich is one of Germany’s favourite business centres, which is reflected in the low unemployment rate of 4.4 per cent. In addition, it is one of the biggest student towns in Germany, with around 80,000 studying here. 

Inter-religious dialogue. There is a huge range of Christian denominations in Munich and ecumenism has been very active for many decades: 19 member churches are currently represented in the Council of Churches. The state capital is also multi-religious: alongside the big new synagogue on the Jakobsplatz which has 9000 members, there is also a smaller Liberal Jewish congregation. In addition there are around 80,000 Muslims living in Munich.  At the close of the city’s  850th anniversary celebrations in October 2008 a gathering for inter-religious prayer was held in the Marienplatz, involving the five major world religions. 


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