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Damit Ihr Hoffnung habt

2. Ökumenischer Kirchentag

München 12.-16. Mai 2010

"That you may have hope"

The second Ecumenical Kirchentag will be a place where we can come together to confess our common Christian faith and to witness to our common hope. It will offer an opportunity to engage in conversations and debates on the basic issues of being Christian.

We are offering this invitation at a time which is identified with deep crisis – financial, political and social, both at home and for the whole world. All the more pressing is the question which will be asked at the 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag in Munich, as to how a Christian life-style can flourish in the world as well as for the world. 

From our common responsibility we will seek for forms of common action. We will do this on the basis of our theme text: “That you may have hope”.

The topics
We Christians want to find a way of shaping the world and establishing signs of hope. The following topics will stand at the heart of the 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag:

Acting responsibly – being Christian in the one world

Living together – being Christian in an open society

Seeking and finding – being Christian alongside a variety of world views

Living our faith – being Christian among the variety of churches

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You can find some more information about the 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag here.