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Damit Ihr Hoffnung habt

2. Ökumenischer Kirchentag

München 12.-16. Mai 2010


Accommodation is available within those areas of Munich covered by the S-Bahn (local rail) network. We can offer accommodation either in private homes, or as communal accommodation in schools. The small administrative fee of EUR 18 per person (maximum EUR 36 for families) includes breakfast.

For those in communal accommodation, this means that you will be sharing with a number of other people in a classroom and you will need to bring with you a sleeping bag and mattress pad or airbed. Private accommodation is intended primarily for older visitors, for those with disabilities or for families. In addition, for families with small children we are providing specially designated family schools. The registration deadline for visitors who would like to apply for private or communal accommodation is 8th March 2010.

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Hotels may be booked at your own cost. Contact the Munich Hotel Association: Telephone: (+49) 89 / 55 26 18 00 ; Fax: (+49) 8142 / 44 46 11 ; e-mail: info(at)muenchen-hotel.de. Further information at: www.muenchen-hotel.de/kt (German web page).

Camping sites
A list of Camping sites is available on request by telephoning our office on (+49) 89 /55 99 97-337 or on the internet at www.oekt.de/unterkunft (german).


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