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Damit Ihr Hoffnung habt

2. Ökumenischer Kirchentag

München 12.-16. Mai 2010


If you need a visa for entry into Germany, please contact the German Embassy or Consulate in your own country as early as possible, in order to find out what documents are needed to accompany your application. At the same time you should also ask about the final date by which you need to bring your visa application to the Embassy in person, and also about how long it will take to process it. This can sometimes take a very long time!

Further information can be found on the Internet at the website of the German Federal Foreign Office: www.auswaertiges-amt.de (web pages in English available, click top left for the English language page). Look under the first heading: "Welcome to Germany" and then "Coming to or staying in Germany" (left-hand side). This page gives you a further link to get information about visa requirements for non-EU countries, together with the relevant (Schengen) application forms which can be downloaded.

We are willing to offer support for your visa application by providing a written confirmation of your registration for the 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag ("invitation letter"), which you can then submit to the relevant German Embassy. The confirmation letter does not provide any guarantee that a visa will be issued, as the decision on that rests only in the hands of the German Foreign Mission.  
If you wish to receive such a confirmation letter, please tell us when you send in your registration form. The last date for this is 8th March 2010. As well as the confirmation letter we will also send a declaration of sickness insurance, which is a requirement for the issue of the visa. The 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag will cover the cost of this insurance for period from 11th – 17th May only. Please let us know if you require the insurance period to be extended; we can do this for a small extra fee.


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